Wootton Wawen Pre-School 

Inspection date: 25th June 2018


  • The quality of teaching is good. Staff know how children learn and plan activities that support their individual needs. As a result, children are making good progress in their learning and development. 
  • Children are safeguarded and protected from harm. This is because the staff demonstrate a clear understanding of procedures to follow should they have concerns about a child in their care. ‚Äč
  • Staff know children well and form secure attachments with them. As a result, children are happy, confident and secure in the pre-school.
  • Parents are provided with information about their child's day and children take home their artwork to share with them. Consequently, they remain up to date with their child's learning and are informed of the care given to their child.


A Copy of this report can be viewed / downloaded direct from the Ofsted Website via the link here

Wootton Wawen Pre-School, The Village Hall, Alcester Road, Wootton Wawen, Henley in Arden
Telephone 07752-381205

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